Following the success of both Nabucco and The Lombards, Verdi was looking for a different kind of drama that happens quickly and is based on more violent passions; for something like that he needed an extremely romantic text which he found in the tragedy of Victor Hugo. From a musical-scenic point of view, Verdi's attention is concentrated on the possibilities of musical characterization, in particular - in the context of dramatic situation where three men court one woman - on the expressive quality of male solo roles. Butsince this is Verdi we are talking about, he achieved even more than he planned...

Ernani was premiered by maestro Lipanović and world-renowned conductor, Giancarlo del Monaco. Leading role will be alternated by tenors Domagoj Dorotić and Roberto Iuliano; in one of the most difficult roles of dramatic coloratura sopranos we will have the privilege to listen to the world-famous soprano Lana Kos; a major role of the Spanish King Carlos V is interpreted by Ventseslav Anastasov, and one of the best Verdi bass roles will be interpreted by National Principle Opera Soloist Ivica Čikeš.


Author's team

Conductor Ivo Lipanović
Director, Set Designer and Costume Designer Giancarlo del Monaco
Choirmaster Ana Šabašov
Light Designer  Wolfgang von Zoubek
Assistant Director  Jelena Bosančić
Assistant Set Design and Costume Design Agostino Sacchi
Libretto translation Belmondo Miliša


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