CNT Split Ballet studio

The Ballet Studio of the Croatian National Theater Split presents an entrance into the magical world of ballet art and contemporary dance, where the youngest are taught by experienced educators and dancers from the Split Ballet. In addition to regular ballet education and the development of modern dance expression, our students have a unique opportunity to participate in performances on the grand stage of the Croatian National Theater Split in popular ballet productions such as "The Nutcracker" and "Esmeralda," as well as in final public ballet concerts of the Studio, which are traditionally held at the end of the theater season.


Enrollment is open for girls and boys in kindergarten and preschool age from four and a half years, as well as school children up to eight and a half years of age, i.e., students in the first and second grades of elementary school. In the modern dance group, participants of all ages from elementary and high school are accepted.

Enrollments are done online by filling out the application form:

The monthly tuition fee is €35 for the kindergarten and preschool group, and €40 for school children. Male participants, who traditionally find it more challenging to decide to engage in dance, are exempt from paying membership fees, and special discounts are granted for two or more participants from the same family, as well as for participants whose families are covered by the social care program. Additional information can be obtained on weekdays from 9 am to 2 pm by calling the phone number 021/321985.

BALLET STUDIO CNT SPLIT Tolstojeva 32, 21000, Split tel. 021/321 985 email:

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