To compare yourself with others and with the different means to look in yourself, become more aware of your virtues and to admit your flaws – bottom line, to become a better person. It is not always easy to shake your stoned conceptions, stereotypes and prejudices while theatre has been doing it ever since its Antique times. We have always admired that vigorous individual on the stage dramatically colliding with senseless norms, narrow mindness, conformism and tyranny. Unique esthetical and social experience of direct contact with a live person on stage, in a collective exercise of thoughts inspired by our failed expectations, enables us to experience emotional earthquakes and we leave the theatre stronger and ready to confront reality. Or that is how we should feel leaving the theatre.

Does the theatre today have such power and are we today, in times of bad times, capable of such confrontation? We invite you to verify this together, during the new theatre season made of great classical masters who, in their times and space, were also other and different.

Welcome to the Croatian National Theatre Split!

Goran Golovko, Theatre Manager