Ero the Joker

Ero the Joker

Jakov Gotovac's opera Ero the Joker has long been hailed as one of the finest Slavic comic operas, solidifying its place as the composer's most acclaimed work. Since its debut in 1935, it has become a staple in the repertoire of all Croatian national theatres. Productions staged on international platforms have consistently praised Ero as a representative symbol of Croatian opera, showcasing its homeland's vibrant songs and dances through the seamless fusion of lyrics and music.

The opera's excellent libretto, penned by Milan Begović, brims with humorous verses and complements the musical elements flawlessly. With its chromatic musical scale, opulent orchestration, spirited rhythms, and melodic vocal lines, Ero captivates listeners, transporting them to the world of the Dalmatian hinterland. At the heart of the narrative lies the protagonist, Mića, a young man from a prosperous rural family. Following his mother's advice, he masquerades as destitute in his quest for a suitable bride. Assuming the identity of Ero, a visitor from another realm, Mića seeks to test the sincerity of his chosen love interest, Đula. Despite deceiving many along the way, Mića ultimately finds forgiveness and wins the heart of his beloved.

The opera's dynamic finale serves as an ode to the rural way of life. The music, infused with the essence of Dalmatia, takes center stage and resonates with grandeur.


Hari Zlodre


Krešimir Dolenčić

Set Design

Dinka Jeričević

Costume Design

Danica Dedijer


Luciano Perić


Veton Marevci

Light Design

Zoran Mihanović

Assistant Choreographer

Čiča Branka Trumbić


Valter Lovričević


Ana Šabašov

Stage Manager

Elza Tudor Gančević


Irina Padovan