A Romance of Three Loves

A Romance of Three Loves

Four central characters: Lady, Maid, Knight and Chaplain are protagonists of this two-act play that takes place in a Castle where the Lady and her Maid live a secluded life. Their only company is a Chaplain who takes care of the rose garden, as well as the Castle and the virtues of the Lady whose husband is also in the war. Chastity is easy to keep until there is a Knight visiting the Castle, when the Lady asks the Chaplain to provide the key of her chastity belt, and it is even easier to ask the Maid to spend the nights with the Knight instead of her ...

Then the roses of both physical and spiritual love bloom like they never did, day and night, both with the Lady and with the Maid. Until the voice of a bird promises more seductive rose garden to the Knight, just outside the Castle. However, instead of even more beautiful roses there is a death trap waiting for the Knight, and the Lady and the Maid...


By genre a sentimental farce, Šoljan’s Romance of Three Loves (1976), is an unusual literary and theatrical challenge attractive both to amateur and professional theaters. This witty and touching drama play in verse, formally endued with Moliere – Shakespeare features puts us at the same time the most complicated questions about love and life while answers have been hidden today as well as in the times of the Crusades in which the action according to the legend is located.


Premiere: February 18, 2017., Scena 55

Author's team

Director  Nikola Šimić
Dramaturge   Nina Kolar
Set Designer   Vesna Režić
Costume Designer   Sonja Obradović
Composer Matija Antolić
Light Design   Miroslav Mamić
Sound Design  Željko Mravak
Stage Manager  Frane Smoljo



 Anastasija Jankovska
Lady's Maid   Katarina Romac
Knight  Stipe Radoja
Priest  Nikola Ivošević