On the Road

On the Road

To sleep, and still to be awake! It is hard to find better music stronghold and refuge than the Goldberg Variations by Johann Sebastian Bach for this state of mind. Just as the piano player Goldberg used the Variations to evoke the worlds between dream and reality to Count Keyserling, we are using them to bridge the centuries, letting us again and again to be indulged in the search of our own dream.

Ballet combining classic and contemporary elements danced by seventeen ballet dancers was premiered at the 62nd Split Summer Festival on the Sustipan venue in 2016. Igor Kirov once again proved that imagination, dynamic and high technical demands represent the fabric of his choreography writing. These features are manifested in his work when he is inspired by exotic ethno music patterns like those in his ballet performance 5 to 12 and now when he found his inspiration within the Bach’s Goldberg Variations danced by the CNT Split ballet soloists on the edge of dream and reality.

Author's team

Choreographer Igor Kirov
Music Johann Sebastian Bach
Costume Designer Aleksandar Noshpal
Assistant Choreographer Mojca Majcen
Ballet Master Albina Rahmatullina
Light Designer Branimir Bokan
Sound Designer Tomislav Luetić


Dancers Ekaterina Kuznjecova
  Matea Milas
  Gabriela Mede
  Eva Karpilovska
  Hazuki Tanase
  Tina Hatlak
  Lejla Bajramović
  Ajla Kadrić
  Artjom Žusov
  Ivan Boiko
  Aleksandar Korjakovski
  Remus Dimache
  Romulus Dimache
   Uroš Škaper
  Askhatbek Yusupzhanov
  Yevhen Baranovskyi
  Francesco Bruni

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