The Golden Dragon

The Golden Dragon

It is set in the kitchen of an Asian restaurant and various apartments of the building where the restaurant is located. Dynamic dramatic structure develops around five parallel stories of Asian immigrants employed in the kitchen. Among a younger and an elder married couple, two flight attendants and several colorful characters, one improperly extracted tooth will be enough to start a genre game at the crossroads of tragedy and farce. In short,the story of a dead end of complete human alienation our modern civilization has found itself in. However, to get out of this dead end, humor is not sufficient, and other assets have not been in sight.





Author's team

Director Ivan Plazibat
Set Designer Ozren Bakotić
Costume Designer Petra Dančević
Composer Gordan Tudor
Scene Movement Ivana Pavlović
Light Designer Miroslav Mamić
Sound Designer Željko Mravak
Assistant Director  Kim Martina Bilobrk


Grandpa, Asian guy, Waitress, Cricket Marko Petrić
Granddaughter, Asian girl, Ant, Shop owner  Andrea Mladinić
Man in the striped shirt, Asian guy with a toothache, Barbie fucker Anastasija Jankovska
Young man, Asian guy, Second stewardess  Nikola Ivošević
Woman in the red dress, Asian guy, First stewardess  Stipe Radoja