The Hole

The Hole

Two neighbours (Vito and Pere) due to all kinds of lawsuits and counter lawsuits have been constantly dragging each other before court. When a young electrician, trying to set the electrical plug, unintentionally makes a hole in the wall that separates their bedrooms, the neighbours commence a new little war ...

The Hole is said to be "a confessional, bittersweet story about human characters, Mediterranean mentality where neighbour on neighbour knows more than about themselves; it is about characters who love, hate, poke, bribe, and cannot be without each other. Their words speak louder than their actions, their weaknesses make you laugh and it is contagious, because laughing we want to forgive ourselves similar flaws ... "

Živko Jeličić, exceptionally important Split and Croatian writer of the second half of the 20th century, first wrote The Hole in a form of a farce comedy and later as a script for a TV movie (1988) brilliantly directed by Vanča Kljaković and superbly performed by Ivica Vidović and Špiro Guberina. Film version of The Hole obviously resulted in such respect that it was rarely staged in theatre.

Authors' team

Director Zoran Mužić
Set Designer Dinka Jeričević
Costume Designer  Sara Lovrić Caparin
Composer Mate Matišić
Light designer Srđan Barbarić
Sound Designer Tomislav Luetić


Mr. Vito  Joško Ševo
Mrs. Anježa  Snježana Sinovčić Šiškov
Mr. Pere  Trpimir Jurkić
Mrs. Tereža  Ksenija Prohaska
Musician Jelena Galić

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