Port town in Dalmatia swings from bora to sirocco, from sea to people. In these hard times of recession, degradation and unemployment people live on the streets, on the squares and in bars, staring at the sea and the better tomorrow. Or staring at each other as they do in our completely “ordinary” love story:

She is a minor and living with her mother. Her mother owns a little shop hardly holding it up. Mother has been divorced for a long time, disappointed in love and life, but not in money. She does not like the fact that her daughter is in love with a hopeless docker worker. At the same time, He, while working in the shipyard dreams of making money one day and starting a better life. He lives with an old disabled aunt who adopted him when his parents died long time ago.

They – She and He – love each other more than anything in the world. And live an ordinary life until the prospect of an oil drillhole where he could earn a lot of money...

Politics, capitalism, passion, forgotten pains and quite sufferings interfere with an ordinary love story. And an ordinary love story becomes a sad-ending story and those who can love will love it.

Author's team

Director Anica Tomić
Dramaturge  Jelena Kovačić
Composer  Nenad Kovačić
Set Designer Stefano Katunar
Costume Designer  Ana Savić Gecan
Scene Movement  Ana Kreitmeyer
Rehearsal Coach  Gloria Lindeman
Light Designer Srđan Barbarić
Sound Designer  Damir Punda
Assistant Set Designer Aleksandra Ana Buković
Assistant Costume Designer   Mario Brčić


Luka  Marko Petrić
Bruno  Filip Radoš
Igor  Stipe Radoja
Ema  Tajana Jovanović
Ana  Ana Marija Veselčić
Marta  Anastasija Jankovska
Filip  Vicko Bilandžić
Petar  Goran Marković
Marko  Neno Srdelić
TV presenter  Nikša Arčanin
Also appearing Mia Čotić, Zorana Kačić Čatipović, Duje Grubišić, Luka Čerjan, Davor Pavić, Anja Ostojić, Maro Drobnić, Tea Požgaj, Ana Malovan, Jelena Grubišić-Čabo, Dora Mitrović, Tomislav Pejković, Ivan Malovan, Denis Meštrović, Nikola Čelan, Josip Galić i Ranko Trebješanin