Bed of Nails

Bed of Nails

Bed of Nails, subtitled Little Lear from the VeliVaroš Neighbourhood, in Bošnjak’s subtle, strong and touching way, represents a certain replica of the Shakespeare’s King Lear, telling us story about a family from Veli Varoš Neighbourhood, story about a three-floor house made of stone, about a fig tree and a cheerful party celebrating birthday of the oldest member of the family - the father who that very day decides to divide his miserable realm amongst his family. Inheritance, whether it is royal or destitute, always leaves room for drama.

Dramatic writing of Elvis Bošnjak remains within the domain he knows the best, taking his inspiration from the classics in order to provide fateful severity to local colours while at the same time he is using humour to cut it the ground out from under their feet. Little Lear from Veli Varoš Neighbourhood, as subtitled, is exactly that: great story about world view minimised to local and family level still big enough for everybody to be understood regardless the meridians and parallels.

Igor Ružić, Director of 26thMarulić Days

Author's team

Director  Nenni Delmestre
Set Designer  Lina Vengoechea
Costume Designer Sara Lovrić Caparin
Scene Music  Željko Brodarić Jappa
Light Designer  Zoran Mihanović
Sound Designer  Damir Punda
Props Ozren Bakotić
Make up Artist Dolores Žanko


RODOLJUB, father 

Trpimir Jurkić

TOMA, Rodoljub's friend Goran Marković
MARIJA, Rodoljub's elder daughter  Snježana Sinovčić Šiškov
JAKOV, her husband Filip Radoš
MARIN, their son  Bojan Brajčić
SARA, their daughter  Sara Ivelić
JELENA, Rodoljub's younger daughter Nives Ivanković
VINKO, her husband Nenad Srdelić
IVANA, their daughter Petra Kovačić Pavlina
HRVOJE, their son  Pere Eranović
PETAR, Rodoljub's son Marjan Nejašmić Banić

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