A Flea in Her Ear

A Flea in Her Ear

Raymonde Chandebise becomes convinced that her husband, Victor Emanuel, is unable to fulfill marital duties due to infidelity. In an attempt to verify this, she sets a trap by placing a fake love letter from an unknown woman, triggering a series of chaotic misunderstandings. Representatives of high society, including their staff, lead their scandalous lives at the "Mischievous Cat" hotel. Tension builds up in unimaginable situations right up to the end—a hilarious confusion where masks fall, all because of the "flea in her ear."

Experience the timeless hilarity and uproarious antics in this classic vaudeville, where love, deceit, and laughter intertwine in unexpected ways. Join us for a night of theatrical entertainment that promises laughter, surprises, and a delightful romp through the whimsical world of "A Flea in Her Ear."


Vladimir Gerić


Snežana Trišić


Vesna Kosec-Torjanac

Set Designer

Andreja Rondović

Light Designer

Tomislav Maglečić


Aleksandar Antić i Vladimir Garić

Costume Designer

Petra Pavičić

Assistant to Costume Designer

Žarka Krpan


Davorka Čorko Rodeš

Asistentica redateljice

Hana Hegedušić

Victor – Emanuel Chandebise/Poche

Ljubomir Kerekeš

Camille Chandebise

Karlo Mrkša

Roman Tournel

Marinko Leš

Doktor Finache

Marko Cindrić

Carlos Homenides de Histangua

Robert Plemić

Augustin Ferraillon

Zdenko Brlek


Filip Eldan


Nikša Eldan


Darko Plovanić

Raymonde Chandebise

Helena Minić Matanić

Lucienne Homenides de Histangua

Dea Presečki

Olympe Ferralion

Gordana Slivka/Barbara Rocco


Elizabeta Brodić

Eugenie / Singer

Hana Hegedušić