Its style somewhat resembles the works of Yasmina Reza, especially "God of Carnage," a highly successful play at the Croatian National Theatre Split, also directed by Nenni Delmestre. The story of this play is set in Lapland, where, during the Christmas holidays, one sister and her family visit the other sister's family, looking forward to Christmas joys and the encounter of their children with the "real" Lapland Santa Claus. Problems arise when the Nordic branch of the family refuses to participate in this tradition, and their four-year-old daughter explains to her five-year-old cousin that Santa Claus doesn't exist and that she receives gifts from her parents. From that moment on, an explosion of Pandora's box occurs, revealing various family secrets, but above all, conflicts about cultural differences between the "organized" Nordic (Finnish) society and the "irresponsible and sloppy" Mediterranean lifestyle (Spain-Catalonia in Nenni Delmestre's adaptation becomes Dalmatia).
Is Santa Claus just a tool to introduce children to the empty world of false materialism, or is it an innocent child's illusion that enriches and prolongs the right to childhood? Through the conflict between the two sisters and their husbands (one Finn, the other Dalmatian) regarding attitudes towards raising children, this insightful comedy deals with an exciting theme: Is exclusive rationality the recipe for a "better world," or can the world be saved with a bit of magic and children's illusions? The frozen polar Christmas evening of the quarreling sisters and their husbands ultimately melt into love with the help of a magical event.

Translation and Dramaturgical Adaptation

Nenni Delmestre


Nenni Delmestre

Set and Costume Design, Music

Lina Vengoechea

Light Design

Miroslav Mamić

Sound Design

Marko Mandić

stage manager

Frane Smoljo


Monika Vuco Carev


Siniša Novković


Nikša Arčanin


Zorana Kačić Čatipović

The "Nada Subotić Award" for the best acting performance by a young actress under 28 years old (Monika Vuco Carev for the role of Monika).