The Mademoiselle Dupin’s Case

The Mademoiselle Dupin’s Case

Are all earthly enigmas too simple for her mind? Are all ordinary criminal minds too predictable? At what point will they become boring? A double murder in Paris is a subject as endlessly intriguing as any current local mystery that keeps newspaper headlines visible for more than a week. And when a Parisian double homicide bears the signature of Edgar Allan Poe, there is no doubt that it lacks darkness, malevolent symbols, black thoughts, or murders driven by insane motives.

Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849), an American writer, poet, and literary critic of the Romantic era, left an incredibly rich literary legacy that includes novels, short stories, and poems, making a significant contribution to world literature, especially in the genres of horror and detective fiction, which continue to have a profound influence on popular culture to this day. He was one of the first American professional writers, making a living solely from his writing, and he was more popular in Europe than in his own country. Trying to make ends meet, he also ventured into publishing literary magazines, albeit without much success. His early detective stories, introducing the amateur investigator Auguste Dupin as the central character, laid the foundation for the detective figure in crime fiction that endures to the present day.

The circumstances of his death remain a mystery, which was also his favorite literary device in the gothic prose he wrote, often revolving around mysterious death as a central motif.


Natalija Manojlović Varga


Ivana Vuković and Natalija Manojlović Varga

Set and Costume Design

Vasilija Fišer


Gordan Tudor

Light Design

Srđan Barbarić

Sound Design

Tomislav Luetić

Stage Manager

Sonja Dvornik


Mlle. Dupin

Ana Marija Veselčić


Donat Zeko

Monsieur G., prefect of the Paris Police

Marjan Nejašmić Banić

Madame L’Espanaye, victim and Other*

Tajana Jovanović

Dupin's Double and Other*

Anastasija Jankovska

Sailor and Other*

Luka Čerjan

Dupin's Double (brother) and Other*

Pere Eranović

Orangutan and Other*

Nikša Arčanin

*Other: Police officers, witnesses, victims