Il Trovatore

Il Trovatore

Can rivals in love become brothers in arms? A Lord troubadour, a Gypsy and a beautiful woman are linked by life, love and secrets. They fight, they sing and, eventually, discover the truth in a brave and spectacular masterpiece. The action moves from the castles of Il Conte di Luna to the battlegrounds of a conflict driven by dim memories of ancient wrongs and promises of vengeance, It is passionate, senseless and absolutely spectacular, from Manrico’s heroic arias to the Gypsies' famous Anvil Chorus.

Many musical items own a great part of their expressiveness to the melody style that composer had been developing since his early years and reached its full maturity in The Troubadour. Arias commence typically silently, even unimpressively, and develop gradually into rising melody waves, finally reaching the climax in big comprehensive phrases which demand full range of voice. No wonder that famous Caruso once said that “all you need for the good performance of an opera is only the four best opera singers in the world…”. Indeed, if Verdi had not extracted what was the most important for him at the time from the more than complicated libretto – striking characters and thrilling drama situations – hardly would we still, a century and a half after its creation, talk about it (besides Rigoletto and La Traviata) as a crucial place of his romantic trilogy. The Troubadour is the work of heroic pathos and irrepressible lust for revenge, opera of rich mutual rhythm impact where all synthetic power of Verdi’s music can be perceived, music that creates organic connection and gives a common stylistic framework to heterogeneous scene pictures.


Hari Zlodre


Robert Bošković

Set Designer

Vesna Režić

Costume Designer


Duška Nešić Dražić


Igor Kirov

Chorus Master

Frane Kuss

Light Designer

Srđan Barbarić

Choreographer for Fighting and Fencing

Alen Čelić

3D Mapping, Holograms and Projections

Matej Bodrušić

Assistant Director

Jelena Bosančić

Assistant Conductor:

Jure Bučević



Orchestra Leader

Valter Lovričević


Ana Šabašov, Tetjana Borchagivska

Stage Manager

Mark Anton Gančević


Irina Padovan

Assistant Costume Designer  Mladen Radovniković
Assistant Set Designer Nikolina Kuzmić
Assistant Choreographer Korana Bilan


Daniela Schillaci (10, 13. i 15. 11), Antonija Teskera (17. 11, 3. i 5. 12)


Terezija Kusanović (10, 13. i 15. 11, 3.12), Žana Marendić Bučević (17. 11), Irena Parlov (5.12), Stefani Findik (studijska uloga)


Ivan Momirov (10, 13. i 15. 11), Bože Jurić Pešić (17. 11, 3. i 5. 12)

Count of Luna

Jure Počkaj (10, 13, 15. i 17. 11), Marko Lasić (3. i 5. 12)


Ivica Čikeš (10, 13. i 15. 11), Mate Akrap (17. 11, 3. i 5. 12), Joško Tranfić (studijska Uloga)


Bjanka Ivas (10, 13. i 15. 11, 3.12), Ivona Bosančić Lasić ((17. 11. i 5. 12)


Špiro Boban (10. i 15. 11, 3.12), Vinko Maroević (13. i 17. 11, 5.12)


Zdeslav Petrašić

Old Gypsy

Tonči Banov

Azucena's Mother Radoslava Mrkšić
Ghost of Azucena's Mother Uršula Najev*,Slavena Verić*,Ana Babić

CNT Split Choir, Orchestra and Ballet

Manrico's Army

Konstantin Haag *, Maro Drobnić *, Ante Milić, Lovre Kondža*, Luka Šatar*, Stipe Jelaska*

Luna's Army

Matija Grabić*, Luka Čerjan, Marin Tudor, Ivan Baranović, Petar Salečić*


* Art Academy of Split Students

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