What Are We Waiting For?

What Are We Waiting For?



What happens when the son wants to choose a "female" and a daughter a "male" profession? And does father figure absence in the formative years has anything to do with it? These are some of the topics that this drama uses to penetrate to the very heart of male-female relations and prejudices imposed. It does not offer solutions, but skillfully uses dramatic plot to forcefully struggle for understanding different choices and for gender equality.

The production is a result of a public tender, first for the text, and then for the director. It is part of the Project Towards real male – female equality: how to reconcile professional and family life”,co- financed under the European Commission RightsEquality and Citizenship Programme.


Premiere: March 2017., Scena 55


Project is co-funded by the REC programme of the European Commission

Author's team

Director Marica Grgurinović
Costume Designer Miranda Vidović
Composer Aleksandar Antić
Videos Dan Oki
Stage Manager Sonja Dvornik


Aleksandra (Leksi), sister  Ana Marija Veselčić
Robert (Robi), brother  Luka Čerjan
Višnja, mother Andrea Mladinić
Jure, mother's partner Vicko Bilandžić