Aziz or The Wedding That Saved the West

Aziz or The Wedding That Saved the West

“I brought Aziz among the heroes of Brecht's Respectable Wedding, a man about whom merry wedding guests know nothing except that, on the basis of his dark complexion and the inadequacy to the given situation, they conclude that he is some kind of the Moore, Arab or so, therefore a potential terrorist. Such a reaction was unfortunately expected, since the everyday propaganda of global fight against terrorism teaches them to think of "all of them" as suicide bombers. My text speaks about the industry of fear that drives mad already frenzied pillars of the consumer society even more. " - these are the words of the author, Predrag Lucić explaining what he meant by his "witty and wise tragicomedy", enabling us to distance ourselves even for a while, even only in the theatre, from racial prejudices and similar nonsense.

Authors' team

Director Dino Mustafić
Dramaturgist Željka Udovičić Pleština
Set Designer Dragutin Broz
Costume Designer Lejla Hodžić
Choreographer Gjergji Prevazi
Music  Tamara Obrovac
Video Art Rino Barbir
Light Designer Zoran Mihanović
Sound Designer Tomislav Luetić
Stage Manager Frane Smoljo


Jean-Pierre Tischler, bridegroom Stipe Radoja
Genevieve Genf, bride Katarina Romac
Waldemar De Crédence, bride's father Nikola Ivošević
Bernardette, bride's sister Monika Vuco
Hildegard De Foie Gras, bridegroom's mother Tajana Jovanović
Ottmar Sarabande, Jean's friend Marjan Nejašmić Banić
Madleine Bierbrau, a woman Nives Ivanković
Giscard Bierbrau, her husband Nenad Srdelić
Georges  Tzara, a young man Davor Pavić
Aziz, unknown Nikša Arčanin
Three wise men:  
Balthazar Vicko Bilandžić
Caspar Ivo Perkušić
Melchior Ivan Baranović
Gibril, melek Mia Čotić
Gabrijel, the angel Zdeslav Čotić