A Somber Gaze into an Empty Wallet

A Somber Gaze into an Empty Wallet

Dramatic concept of the play "A Somber Gaze into an Empty Wallet" revolves around four musically incompetent characters who form a band. The band emerges out of the need for change, financial circumstances, dissatisfaction with the local music scene, the impending collapse of tourism, the easiest possible way to make money, and a series of justifications made by the characters. In none of these cases forming the band is the most logical solution. "A Somber Gaze into an Empty Wallet" is an idea that gains momentum too quickly, developing faster than its participants are prepared for. The possibility of creating fake personalities, images, and success through social media transforms the idea of a garage hobby into a serious venture for which the characters are minimally prepared. The narrative follows the journey from the inception of the idea to the formation of the fake band, all the way to the concert that the characters must finally perform.

The play is created using an improvisational model, combining rapid dialogue moments and musical segments to tell the story in the style of action films from the early 2000s.

Set in Split, the play is musically influenced by traditional and electronic music festivals and an active rap scene. Considering the time of its premiere, the tourist season is an inevitable modifier of the lives and obligations of its inhabitants. Consequently, the original music created in this production (by performers and expert collaborators) will be thematically linked to these aspects.

The play will be performed in the courtyard of the HNK Split (Old Gas Factory), providing an ambient setting that is central to the action and bustling atmosphere, yet offers an escape from the tourist rush.

Director Ivan Penović