Simphonic concert of the CNT Orchestra

Simphonic concert of the CNT Orchestra


Hana Huljić: New Piece for Orchestra – Master in Music performance at the Arts Academy of the University of Split

C. Saint-Saëns: Cello and Orchestra Concert, No. 1 in A minor, Op. 33

Many composers, including Shostakovich and Rachmaininoff considered this concerto to be the greatest of all cello concertos, tremendously demanding for soloists. Saint Saëns structured the piece in one continuous movement. This single movement contains three distinct sections (Allegro non troppo, Allegretto con moto, Tempo primo), without the traditional orchestral introduction, those sections, tightly-structured, share interrelated ideas.


A. Dvořák: The Symphony No. 8in G major, Op. 88

In contrast to other symphonies of the period, Dvořák's Symphony No. 8 in G major, composed on the occasion of his election to the Bohemian Academy of Science, Literature and Arts, the music is cheerful and optimistic.Dvořák kept the typical format of a symphony in four movements, but structured them in an unusual way. All movements show a remarkable variety of themes, many of them based on Bohemian material. Occasionally the development of the themes seems like improvisation.

  CNT Split Orchestra
Conductor Hari Zlodre
Soloist Mihovil Karuza - cello